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Thursday, October 25th 2018
Cancelled!- Meet & Greet Valentina

-Sickness strikes-

Dear all, we unfortunately have to cancel the Meet & Greet with Valentina tomorrow, Thursday 25th of October. We were planning to have the event from 6-9pm.

We do want to offer you the 15 % discount for this coming Saturday, for the whole day!We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope to see you this coming Saturday.

Visit us and fit the stylish pieces from the JooSee Collection.

We are looking forward dressing you upxx Your YDU




BoBaBaBe - New at YDU

Stylishly cheerful

Fashion which makes you happy

Bobababe is an independent Indonesian fashion label, founded in 2014 by our creative director, Harumi Davita.  We started as a small business, specialized in ready to wear – made to order women’s wear. Our team consists of a small group of local Indonesian designers, artisans and seamstresses who are eager to deliver what we call a ‘happy fashion’ infused with the versatility of street wear for fashion-forward Indonesian woman. “Stylishly Cheerful” is the philosophy behind our designs. We are hoping to sprinkle a little happiness into modern woman’s preoccupied life.

Wednesday, August 15th 2018
50% SALE on selected collections

On picture: ENDRESS by ENDRESZ

Top Now: 59 Euro, Skirt Now:  69 Euro

Strong cuts and luxurious materials:

This is the signature of 

EN-DRESS by ENDRESZ, the stylish fashion label of Andrea Endresz (1973). In her collection the designer of Romanian origin combines native gracefulness with Dutch sobriety. The designs are characterized by their strong cuts along with feminine, elegant lines and luxurious materials. The small scale production of the collection takes place in traditional Romanian and Hungarian workshops. In Hungary Endresz supports the Baustadium KFT foundation that gives disabled women a chance to work. Andrea Endresz studied economics in Romania and after her move to the Netherlands, she graduated in fashion design at the School of Arts in Utrecht in 2003. Both studies influence her designs and vision on clothing.

Check out more pieces from the ENDRESS collection here

Tuesday, April 17th 2018
YDU presents: The United Collection

‘The United Collection’ - garments made from the flags of opposing nations

In a world more divided than ever, can a dress resolve our political problems? No, probably not. But this kind of thinking just might.  

AMSTERDAM 17 April 2018- Creative agency J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam is working with Young Designers United, a fashion collective from Amsterdam, and a group of Amsterdam’s top creative entities, to make a sartorial stance against globalpolarisation with ‘The United Collection’. A small but meaningful showcase of garments exploring what happens when the flags of conflicting nations are deconstructed and then reconstructed into fashion statements. ‘The United Collection’ is launched today (April 17 2018) with an event, a website, an online video and an outdoor campaign – and the garments themselves will be publicly exhibited in Amsterdam.

With well over 50 armed and violent conflicts taking place across the globe – and only a handful of countries living in relative peace - the world is as divided now as it was ever. Brexit and the imminent breakup of Europe as we know it, combined with a new Cold War and continued conflicts in Syria, Africa and the Middle East, presents a confusing and fragmented world order.  This international climate of instability and political unrest provoked an exploration of creativity’s role within this context, which sparked the initial thinking behind ‘The United Collection’. 

‘The United Collection’ focuses on three very different conflicts: Brexit is observed through the eyes of Dutch designer Anne Oomen; Romanian artist Andrea Endresz looks at the volatile relationship between the Ukraine and Russia; and finally Irene Heldens, also a Dutch national, interprets one of Africa’s many wars, the conflict between Eritrea and Djibouti. All designers are apart of Amsterdam fashion collective Young Designers United.

Each designer chose a topic for their dress based on their own affinity with the subject. Therefore, the final garments are not only literally created from the flags of the opposing nations, but also metaphorically infused with the history of these conflicts. The materials were used for their symbolic significance, such as; gold thread to unite Eritrea and Djibouti; a red satin corset; rope to represent the suppression of the UK’s younger generation in the wake of Brexit; and hints of folk-designs shared between Russian and Ukrainian history. 

‘The United Collection’ is a creative statement against the rising tensions seen, heard and read about on a daily basis. The initiative invites the viewer to observe and re-evaluate their response to (political) conflict by using fashion to spark a meaningful dialogue.

Can a dress resolve political issues? No, probably not. But this kind of thinking just might.  

Earlier today, the collection was unveiled in a building that is no stranger to controversy and conflict: art gallery Castrum Peregrini, a former safe house where artists went into hiding during the German occupation of Amsterdam in World War II. The choice of this location  - whose name means ‘the fortress of the pilgrim’ - pays homage to the idea of using creativity to respond to political and social problems including conflicts. A message as relevant in 2018 as it was during WWII.

‘The United Collection’ is not for sale – but rather its aim is to use fashion to carry a message of intent. It’s a call to arms to young creatives to observe and interpret the world and its politics in a slightly different way. And to remember that creativity has a unique role in an era where protest is – and should be – a driving force within culture.


Bas Korsten, creative partner at J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam:

“Every once in a while a project comes along that has its own life. Its own dynamic. Maybe because the idea behind The United Collection is so topical, people and companies wanted to contribute without thinking twice. The power of creativity and doing something positive truly brings out the best in people.”

Angelika Groenendijk, founder, YDU:

“Our aim with this project is to visualize what UNITED can mean. Fashion is a strong medium for expression and for making big statements.  We were able to take the idea of UNITED to a higher level and give it deeper meaning by working with a large team of visionary creatives across many different fields. We want to make people think about how conflicts could be resolved if people look at problems in a different way – and inspire people to unite behind solutions.”

David Michaels, Executive Producer, Smoke & Mirrors: 

Collaborating with some of Amsterdam’s best brands and agencies is a real thrill for us at Smoke & Mirrors, especially as we’ve been open just over a year in this creatively competitive market. From my initial conversations with JWT's Creative Partner Bas Korsten, I knew this was going to be something special - and our talented team leapt at the opportunity. Amsterdam artists worked closely with Bas and his team, and partnered with Smoke & Mirrors in New York to realise the vision of the macro shots. We’re really proud of the end result.”

The team behind ‘The United Collection’

‘The United Collection’ has been brought to life by design collective Young Designers United (YDU), creative agency J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam and a ‘united’ team of creative professionals from across Amsterdam. Smoke and Mirrors Amsterdam created the campaign film by using 3D animation software Houdini to show the very fabric of the flags unravelling and coming back together again symbolically. The website was made by award winning digital production house Superhero Cheesecake and Amp Amsterdam built the music score and sound experience. Faber Exposize supplied the flags used to create the designs.

More about the conflicts:


UK’s former Prime Minister, David Cameron, cashed in an even greater loss by the fatal referendum in 2016, pledging for Britain to divorce the EU. After 40 years of membership and nearly two years of debate regarding the logistics behind Brexit, there is still no clearunderstanding on the terms of how the UK will leave the European Union. 

Since the start of the Brexit negotiations in summer 2017, three provisional agreements were made at the end of last year. These agreements were concerning the future of UK and EU expats in post-Brexit Europe, a settlement on the “divorce bill”, and the fate of the Northern Irish border. What remains to be debated is the relationship between the EU and Britain post-Brexit. 


The conflict began in 2013 when the Ukrainian government, led by pro-Russia president Yanukovych, rejected an association with the EU in order to build stronger ties with Russia. This led to massive protests in Kiev, which eventually turned into a revolution that overthrew the government led by the opposition. Russia took advantage of the chaos and sent its military forces into Ukrainian territory with the explanation of protecting Russian interests. A month later, Russian separatists seized control of the government buildings in Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv and declared those cities independent. Ukraine attempted to regain control of these regions, but Russian forces joined the separatist rebels, leading the Ukraine to only succeed in Kharkiv.  In February 2015 both sides signed a peace agreement called “Minsk II” that settled a ceasefire, according to which Russia had to leave Ukraine.

Eritrea- Djibouti

Eritrea and Djibouti are two neighbouring countries located in the Horn of Africa, along whose coast lies a key shipping route for global commerce. Djibouti is considered to be one of the least developed of the continent, its economy being reliant on its port. Meanwhile Eritrea carries the reputation as ‘Africa’s North Korea’ due to its internal restriction, including a lack of freedom of speech in the media and its ban on people between the ages of 9 and 57 from leaving the country. 

The conflict between Eritrea and Djibouti emerged in June 2008 when Eritrean forces entered the Djiboutian territory and occupied Doumeira Island’s border.  Several soldiers were taken hostage at the time and despite the Qatari mediation since, some of the soldiers are still missing today and tension between the two countries remains. 



Sunday, April 15th 2018
SAMPLE SALE - SS18 Edition

YEAH! It's Sample Sale time again at YDU.
-Sunday 15 of April, from 1-5 pm -
This time with many of your favourite as well as many new designers. Come, join and bring your friends.
Samples and stock from more then 20 designers for less.
Twice a year the YDU SAMPLE SALE gives you the opportunity to shop beautiful and stylish designer pieces for low prices.

The participating labels are:

Fenny Faber
Dress'd by Ellen Benders
Barbara v/d Zanden
Endress by Endresz
Monique Poolmans
Heidi Long
By Brown
Marlon Verheijden
Marjolein Elisabeth

and many more....

Cu you, we are looking forward to it
xx Yours YDU

Thursday, March 1st 2018
Arrival new collections!

On the first of March we open again with the new SS18 collections!

Stay tuned



***SALE -30% -50% SALE***

-50% on the set from Marjolein Elisabeth

Top Now 34,50 Euro

Skirt Now 54 Euro

More labes are joining our SALE with great reductions:

Irene Heldens

Endress by Endresz

Dress'd by Ellen Benders

Marlou Verheijden



Marjolein Elisabeth

Rabbit Rabbit

and many more...

We are looking forward dressing you up

Yours: Team YDU xx 

Tuesday, November 28th 2017
-10% on all accessories starting 1st of December

Beautiful and special gifts for you and your loved ones


We would love to give a gift to all our dear and loyal clients. 

We never include accessories in the SALE, because our accessories are timeless and seasonless.  

With the right accessory you can finish your outfit, bring in the necessary colour or just give your very personal note to your outfit. 

Starting 1st of December, we give a 10% discount on all of our accessory collections: 

Beautiful shoes from Eijk Amsterdam

Design belts from frrry

Bags from Mirjam Zwolsman, MARINGE, Lizet v/d Knaap, LAMARI etc

Jewellery from Taj, Jenny on the block, LEA CHRISTINE, Pop-a-porter, Iris Nijenhuis and many more....

We are looking forward to help you choose the right present for yourself or a dear person.

Please check out more gifts here

CU xx

Angelika, Geke, Mirjana en Karin


Wednesday, November 1st 2017
New Arrivals! Warm, rich colors which make us happy!

Exclusive Must Haves 

Please check out the new arrivals from all your favourite designers:

Dress'd by Ellen Benders

Fenny Faber


Irene Heldens

Studio Catta

and many many more

Cu soon

xx YDU


Thursday, September 7th 2017
AW17/18 Collections are dropping in

Welcome Autumn

Autumn colors and soft jersey fabrics are awaiting us!

The new collection of designer Marjolein Elisabeth will make you smile

The dresses, skirts and tops are made from super soft materials with hugging qualities.

The feminine figure is focus in each of Marjoleins collections and she is always aming for the perfect fit.

Curious for more? View the other looks here

Cu xx


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Cancelled!- Meet & Greet Valentina

BoBaBaBe - New at YDU

50% SALE on selected collections

YDU presents: The United Collection

SAMPLE SALE - SS18 Edition

Arrival new collections!

***SALE -30% -50% SALE***

-10% on all accessories starting 1st of December

New Arrivals! Warm, rich colors which make us happy!

AW17/18 Collections are dropping in

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