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Zibaa Bag Collection

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More than a bag

Every bag is unique in its colour

Zibaa is a leather bag collection for women who want more than just a ‘normal’ bag. The Zibaa bags can be matched with any outfit. Because of the detachable bottom of the bag, you are able to make endless color combinations and use the bag through summer and winter. All the bags are also durable and are made in a fair way in the Netherlands

Special feature: Every bag is unique in its colour. There are only small amounts of one type of leather used. Because of this you will never walk around with a bag that has the same colour/material combination as someone else.

About the designer:

Michelle Drent (1993) loves fashion and especially the challenge of innovating products. After two fashion courses the idea of a new line of bags arose, one that aims to offer something new to the modern woman. Something that could be used by every woman.

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