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Be Woolish

woolish (wo͞o′lĭsh):  WOOLISH applies to a person who has an original sense for trendy, detail orientated, differential, natural and comfy knitwear.

WOOLISH is an Estonian knitwear and home textile brand. Producing products under own brand is new but the history and the heritage of the 4th generation family company goes back to 1928. In 2014, the management and renewal of the company were undertaken by Anna and Eigo Siimu, The 4th generation.

WOOLISH philosophy is based on the satisfaction of our customers. We know that we can be successful only when we work together with our clients, this is our aim and this is our competitive advantage. We will and want to design, produce and create unique products by paying attention to small details.

She´s Woolish offers a multifunctional collection of garments. Products are not created to cause a headache but to solve many questions, like: „What should I wear? “If you are Woolish enough, you have one less problem.

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