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Giving back

Rhumaa is a fashion brand that is working together with talented artists from upcoming countries. Rhumaa tries to facilitate these artists a platform where they can share their story with the rest of the world!

Our collections have been designed in South Africa, emblazoned with unique and personal stories from the artists, then produced with fair trade practices, 100% premium organic fabrics and the highest possible quality finishes.

We are a storytelling brand and aim to sell unique stories from up & coming artists on our luxury fashion garments. Those who buy our garments not only feel and look incredible in our clothes, but feel part of someone else life.

Beside of the fashion, we also have our own foundation ‘Rhumaa Foundation’. € 5,00 of each sold garment is going directly to the Rhumaa Foundation. With the Rhumaa foundation we support talented artists from underdeveloped areas around the world by giving them a platform where they can work on their personal skills development and we teach them how they can use their talents to become economically active. 

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