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Petra Hart

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Nature - an infinite source of inspiration

Petra Hart is a contemporary artist. She works multidisciplinary and in clearly defined concepts. The concepts are distinguished in subject matter and discipline. It covers not only art, but also fashion. Her work always comes back on creating a better world or at least pay attention to a better world in a positive way.

The common denominator is nature (by imitating nature, fantastic solutions can be created not only to help ourselves further but also to make a better world) and the fact that she works from a vector-based computer program (vector-drawing is 100% sharp, any size and symbolizes the infinity of the universe). 

Petra Hart learned fashion from her mother who’s a teacher. Looking for an ultimate item which you can wear in a variety of ways for different occasions she designed two rectangular pieces that precisely meets the front and back are equal.

With a simple small belt the tunic is in all different ways wearable on both sides and in five different styles. Working-Shirt, Beaching-caftan, Clubbing-Little dress, Dining-Blouse and Dancing-Top.

The tunics are in one size. They are 100% silk. A high quality product that's not only cool in summer, but also warm in winter. Besides this it is elastic, strong and durable. A tunic weighs 90 grams, so easy to travel with.

The items are manufactured in Netherlands.

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