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Aesthetic Stories

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All items we sell have a story to tell


'Clothes that are bubblicious without being superficious'

Fashion is a piece of art. An expression of who we are. Behind this surface however lies a fascinating and complex industry. An industry of which we barely know anything. 
After having met for the first time at university, quite soon we found out we shared similar opinions, feelings, ambitions and love for things in life. An incredibly huge amount of love for creativity and fashion, and an absolute desire to benefit society and make a change in today's world. So yes, we decided to combine our powers and bring together these counterparts that have been keeping us busy for a long time already. 
Aesthetic Stories aspires to expand the understanding of this second largest industry in the world, throughout all steps of the supply chain. First things first. Starting from scratch, we follow this complicated process all by ourselves and take you along. We offer minimalistic and high-quality designs based on our three pillars: Ambitious, Transparent and Vigorous. All items we sell have a story to tell. 
We cut out the middleman by selling directly to you instead of selling through retail stores. Because of this we are able to keep our selling prices lower so we ensure you that you always pay a fair price for our products.

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